Top 7 Expectations from Sanju Trailer
Top 7 Expectations from Sanju Trailer | Credits: Youtube FoxStar Hindi

In this article, we are going to give you Top 7 Expectations from Sanju Trailer. Today Sanju trailer is going to release. From Bollywood to Hollywood everyone is eagerly waiting for this trailer. From the truly realistic look, Ranbir has already shaken the whole Bollywood Industry.

List of Top 7 Expectations from Sanju Trailer

1. Ranbir Kapoor Vs Sanjay Dutt

As we have already see the teaser in which looks wise Ranbir exactly look like Sanjay Dutt. However, people expect the first Glimpse of this movie presents in the trailer.

2. Cameo

We all know Sanjay has a complete list of friends in Bollywood. Therefore, it is interesting to see the film covers all of them or not. Means the film will be in full cameo or not.

3. How much Truth Hirani Ji Shows in this Movie?

People also eagerly wait to see How much truth and how much lie Hirani Ji presents in this film. Does Hirani Ji show all the truth? We don’t think so.

4. Who is Sonam in this Movie?

According to Movie Enthusiast, Sonam plays the role of Tina Munim. Presently, People know her as Tina Ambani. However, when reporters ask Sonam about this, She denies it. Let’s see the trailer, maybe trailer gives us some hint.

5. Can we see Madhuri in this trailer?

An Interesting debate in the Bollywood city, Is Madhuri present in this movie or not? According to Movie Enthusiast, Karishma Tanna is the one who is actually playing the role of Madhuri in this film.

6. Bhai present in this film or not?

Everybody knows about Sanjay and Salman friendship. However, after Sanjay comes from Jail, a lot of things are change. What are those changing? How those changing occurs? Does this film present all of this or not?

7. Message

As we all know, Rajkumar Hirani always gives some message through all of his movies. Therefore, all the audiences are also meditating on what message Rajkumar Hirani will give us through this movie.

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