5 Horrifying Facts about Airplane
5 Horrifying Facts about Airplane

In this article, we are going to give you 5 Horrifying Facts About Airplane that will Blow your Mind away. According to a research analytics, approximately 1 lakh airplanes are active in the whole world. You definitely listen some good things about airplanes from all around. However, In this article, we are talking about some 5 Horrifying facts about Airplane. So, Sit tight and fasten your seat belts.

List of 5 Horrifying Facts about Airplane

1. Takeoff and Landing are Horrifying

Did you know that 80% of Plane accidents happen during takeoff and landing? If not let me tell you that a plane is more vulnerable to accident 3 minutes after its takeoff and 8 minutes before its landing.

2. Airplane Pilots are Sleep during the Journey

A secret thing most of you guys don’t know about an Airplane Journey. Do you take a closer look at the pilot? I’m talking about pilot because during an airplane Journey most of the pilots are sleeping due to Autopilot technology. I mean what happens if some realtime Situation occurs. Funny isn’t it? Think about it.

3. Don’t rely on an Airplane’s Oxygen Mask

Have you see the oxygen mask that people wear during an emergency Situation on air. Okay, let me tell you an interesting an horrifying fact about it. The people who wear that oxygen mask during an emergency situation on airplane journey doesn’t know that the mask has oxygen for only 15 minutes. Frightening isn’t it. However, experts say in these 15 minutes pilot manage to fly the plane at a height where the oxygen need of passenger fulfills.

4. Your Life goes High on a Single Engine

Most of the airplanes are designed in such a way that it runs on a single engine. But who cares we have to go high whether the engine fails or not. I mean what about the backup.

5. Life Jacket Jackoff your Belief

Let me tell you a funny thing about the life Jacket people has in an emergency situation. Do you know that the officials give the life jacket during an airplane’s emergency situation is not just only to save your life? Moreover, They give you the life jacket for identification purpose if something happens to you.

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