Coronavirus SOS Alert
Coronavirus SOS Alert

One can now able to access Coronavirus SOS Alert on Google Search. Today in a tweet Google reveals that In Collaboration with WHO, they have created a SOS alert for Coronavirus in Google Search. This SOS alert contains information about Coronavirus such as measures to avoid it, news and Twitter updates.

One can access this SOS alert simply by typing Coronavirus in Google Search. As soon as a user type Coronavirus in the Google search, he will find some snippets in the search result like as I show you in the screenshots below. You can see that, these snippets contains helpful information related to Coronavirus, Q&As and Safety Tips.

In addition to creating the SOS alert system, Google has also donated $250,000 to the Chinese Red Cross as part of their relief program. Apart from this, Google also internally asking Googlers for donations and have received $800,000 so far.

World Health Organisation has declared Coronavirus as Global emergency. So, far this virus has killed 213 people in China alone and around 100 cases of it is reported in 18 other countries. However, no one has died so far from these 18 countries. India also belong to these 18 countries as 1 patient from Kerala Thrissur district found positive with this virus.

Amidst all this, Google creates this SOS alert system to make every information about this virus easily accessible to user, especially who belong to any of the Chinese Provinces. What do you think of this? Write us in the comment below.

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