How to apply for a Passport using mPassport Seva App
How to apply for a Passport using mPassport Seva App

In this article, we guide you to How to Apply for a Passport using mPassport Seva App? So, Let me first explain about this app and the services it provides, then I’ll present you the Guide.

mPassport Seva App is made by Indian Government officials to ease all the services which relate to Passport. As we all know Passport is an important document which verifies your nationality during an international travel. So, Passport is necessary for those who visit abroad. Moreover, to make the passport services very fast and efficient government officials have made this app. Right now, this App is available for all the Smartphone platforms. Below we present you the link also.

What are all the services that mPassport Seva App is giving right now?

  1. Inbuilt form to apply for a Passport.
  2. Your Passport Application Status Tracker.
  3. Native Payment Mode for Passport Services.
  4. Contains Appointment Panel for Passport Verification.
  5. Contains Rescheduling Panel of Passport Verification.
  6. Passport Cancellation Feature.
  7. FAQs and Other Stuff.

Before applying for a passport I recommend you to first read all the FAQs carefully which is present in the App Panel. After reading all the FAQs I suggest you start the Registration Procedure.

How to Apply for a Passport using mPassport Seva App?

For the first time user open the new user registration Panel.

Here, you have to first select the passport office which depends on your present residential address.

Then, you fill out all the necessary details like Name, DOB, email id etc. After that click on the submit button down below

As soon as you click on the submit button a mail will send to your email id which you just enter in the form. The mail contains a link which says “Please Click the Link below to activate your account”. You have to click on it.

Clicking on the link redirects you to the official Web portal of passport India. There they ask you to enter your Login id. Enter it and click on the Submit button.

As soon as you click on the submit button, they prompt you that your account is successfully created on their portal.

Now, Open your mPassport Seva app again and click on the Existing user login panel.

Then, enter your login id in the form and click on the continue button.

Then, after entering your password and captcha click on the login button.

Here the process begins, Click on Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport.

Fill out all the details thereon.

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