Jio Edutainment Programmes
Jio Edutainment Programmes

Jio Edutainment Programmes soon hits the Indian Market. This statement shocks you if you are already a creator of some Edutainment program. Moreover, it will also lead you to some great jobs ahead. All these things will happen because of Reliance Jio who is ready to launch its new Initiative. This New Initiative focuses on the variety of Edutainment Programs.

Are Jio Edutainment Programmes contains Student Subject Material?

Moreover, The content present in the Reliance Upcoming Edutainment Initiative focuses mostly on Kids and Students. According to our sources, the content of these edutainment programmes is subject related that a kid and a student learn in their school and college. However, Jio focus to build all the content in a creative way.

Right now, In India Most of the video publishers are focusing on the content of Entertainment industry. However, It seems like Jio is now one of the first Giant Company who tries to hit the edutainment content generation.

Our opinion:

In our opinion, if the content taps the subject with an interactive way like animation then it will help generate more revenue. Moreover, the students and children also learn the subjects without getting bored.

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