IIT Delhi developed worlds most affordable Corona Testing Kit Corosure
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In a bid to help India fight against the existing global pandemic Corona, one of the India’s premiere Institution IIT Delhi has developed a Corona Testing Kit called Corosure and this article explains all about this COVID-19 testing Kit in detail.

On one hand where the country is fighting with the biggest pandemic ever (in some sense), IIT Delhi has developed a tool made completely in India to equip our country fighting with this global pandemic. Yes, we are talking about a testing kit that has been made by a team of IIT Delhi Students and Professors to diagnose COVID-19 at the lowest price possible right now.

Researchers and Professors of IIT Delhi’s Kusuma School of Biological Science has developed world’s most affordable Corona Testing Kit that has been named Corosure.

After given approval by the Indian Council of Medical Research, the kit was launched digitally by the Union Minister of Human Resource and Development, Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank. The Price of this kit is Rs. 399 but a diagnostic using the same kit (Corosure)would cost Rs. 650.

Corosure is a Probe Free Testing Kit

If you compare the cost of COVID-19 diagnostic test using Corosure with the existing most widely used and reliable RT-PCR test then that would be more than three times less. Right now, the cost of RT-PCR (Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction) test in India falls in between Rs. 2200 to Rs. 3000. However, as I said above the Maximum cost to diagnose COVID-19 using Corosure is Rs. 650. That’s why it is the most affordable COVID-19 testing kit in the world right now. One more thing about the test conducted by Corosure is, it is probe free which in turn reduces the testing cost and increases the accuracy.

Let’s Talk about the team who build this testing Kit

Well, the above I already wrote, this kit has been made by the Professors, PhD Scholars, and Post-Doctoral Fellows of IIT Delhi’s Kusuma School of Biological Science, now here is their names.

Professors: Vivekanand Perumal, Manoj B Menon, James Gomes, and Bishwajit Kundu

PhD Scholars: Prashant Pradhan, Ashutosh Pandey, Praveen Tripathi

Post-Doctoral Fellows: Dr Parul Gupta, Dr Akhilesh Mishra

The Company Going to Manufacture “Corosure”

Now although, IIT Delhi has given 10 companies the license to manufacture this COVID-19 testing kit, A Company named NewTech Medical Devices is the first one to announce building 2 million of this COVID-19 testing kit next month.

The HRD Ministry has said, Corosure has received the highest score by the ICMR and DCGI with respect any other existing COVID-19 testing kit.

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