Latest Price Rate of LPG Cylinders June 2018
Latest Price Rate of LPG Cylinders June 2018

In this article, we are going to give you the Latest Price Rate of LPG Cylinders June 2018. LPG Cylinders Price Increases from June 2018. Frightening isn’t it. Consumers facing the price hike of Petrol and Diesel, now they have to prepare for the price hike of LPG Cylinders too. Actually, Oil and Gas companies are incrementing the price of Domestic as well as commercial Cylinders. On one hand where the price of Domestic Cylinders will cost you 52 rupee more. Whereas on the other hand, the Commercial Cylinders will cost you 82.50 rupee more.

Latest Price Rate of LPG Cylinders June 2018: Domestic & Commercial

Moreover, this new rate applies from June 2018. Till now, domestic cylinder available for Rs 734 approx. However, after this rise in price, it will cost us Rs 786 approx. Similarly, the 19.2 KG Commercial cylinders are available at a price of Rs 1318.50 approx, but from July its price will be Rs 1401 approx.

Talking about Subsidy, In May 2018, we are getting a subsidy of Rs 240.72 per cylinder. But from June 2018, all the consumers will get a subsidy of Rs 288.28 per cylinder. Therefore, from June 2018, Subsidy per cylinder also increases to Rs 47.56. Here, consumers will get some relief.

At the end of every month, Oil and Gas companies analyze the price rate of Gas and Cylinders.

Our Analysis

Although, the officials are increasing the subsidy count if you look closer the difference between a subsidy and the price rise will give the exact rate of LPG Cylinder price hike. For example: In Domestic Cylinders, the Price raise to 52 rupees, whereas you get the subsidy of Rs 47.46. Therefore, the difference is Rs (52 – 47.46) = Rs 4.54. So, for Domestic LPG Consumers, the actual price rise in LPG Cylinders is Rs 4.54. Similarly, you can count the actual price rise of Commercial cylinders also.

Previous month i.e. on may the price of LPG Cylinder will cut down only 1 rupees for Domestic whereas 8.50 rupee for Commercial.

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