Momo Challenge is a new Online Menace
Momo Challenge is a new Online Menace

After the Blue Whale Challenge, Momo Challenge is a new Online Menace. These days challenge-based games are messing the lives of people online. You all heard about Kiki Challenge which is also popular these days, is also a game which depends on the challenge. People accept the challenge and play the game. Ultimately, they lose their life.

Momo is also a challenge based game that is threatening the online users. In Momo Challenge, a WhatsApp text gives some dare task to the users to perform it. These dare tasks are in violent in nature and might risk a person life. Most of the victims of these types of games are the teenagers. The reason is the lack of maturity.

You can think of these types of game as a Cybercrime. I have called it a cybercrime because on the controlling side, the criminal just messing with your online data. These online data includes your private images, videos etc. That’s why data protection is necessary and most experts fight for it when it is necessary.

In Momo Challenge too, the criminal blackmail the user via their private photos or videos so as to complete a task. Teenagers are especially victims of this game because they do not know the consequences. Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents to look out for their children. If they found Anything unusual, talk to their children in a problem solving and friendly manner.

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