Soon NCERT Textbook Contains QR Code
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Soon NCERT Textbook Contains QR Code to Provide More Resources to Children. As soon as the students scan a QR code from the textbook, they will be able to access some other resources related to their chapters on their laptops and phones.

Those people who do not know about QR codes, QR code is a machine-readable code which contains a collection of small black and white squares. Moreover, these small black and white squares encrypt a link beneath themselves. As soon as a QR code is scanned by the QR scanner, the hidden link opens in the device.

Soon NCERT Textbook Contains QR Code: Info

Following a report of PTI, NCERT implements the QR code so that the children separately access several other resources. These resources include videos, animations, presentation and so on. Moreover, experts create all these resources according to their subjects.

The Officials say that these QR codes will be present in all NCERT textbooks of class 1 to class 12. However, it will start from the academic session of the year 2019.

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