UIDAI Launches Masked Aadhaar
UIDAI Launches Masked Aadhaar

UIDAI Launches Masked Aadhaar to enhance further the security of your Aadhaar Card. In this article, we are going to talk about What Masked Aadhaar is and How it works? So, be with us for Just a couple of minutes if you want to know about this new feature.

We all know, we got 12 digits as our Aadhaar number from UIDAI officials. These days however, if one knows about these 12 digits then they can misuse it via different ways. For example, they can use these numbers to find your personal details, bank details etc. UIDAI officials also realises these issues recently and therefore, look forward to launch a new feature called Masked Aadhaar.

What is Masked Aadhaar?

Masked Aadhaar is an enhanced version of current Aadhaar. Note that this is completely a different physical and digital Aadhaar Card. Below we explain you, how you can get a Masked Aadhaar Card, but before that first let me explain you What it is? In Masked Aadhaar, instead of 12 Digits, only last 4 digits are shown. Moreover, the first 8 digits are mark like this XXXX-XXXX.

You can use Masked Aadhaar Card at public places where sometimes you require to verify your Identity. For example, Showing Aadhaar Card in Train along with tickets, During Examination etc. However, do note that Masked Aadhaar Card is not valid at different places too. Like when you avail government welfare schemes, subsidies. This is because at these places you have to show your DOB proof, Address Proof like that.

How to Download Masked Aadhaar?

You can Download Masked Aadhaar by going to UIDAAI website. To quickly visit the exact page follow this link: https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/

Once you visit this link actively fill out the details correctly. Don’t forget to choose Masked Aadhaar over Regular Aadhaar. Let me give you a tip here from my experience. UIDAI Aadhaar downloading page works a little slow. So, you must wait a little to get the confirmation screen and OTP.

Now, once you get the OTP and fill it out. Below you see a short survey about Aadhaar which you must fill it. Then, click on the download button to get the Masked Aadhaar.

Pro Tip: Do not use any external download manager because UIDAI website revoke any other external connection. Use your browser default download manager.

Password to Unlock Aadhar Card

After download the Aadhaar Card, you must feed a password there to access it. The password for your Aadhaar Card is like this.

Suppose your name is Sanjay Kumar Monu.

Then, your password is the first four letters or digits of your Name in Capital letter + your birth year.

Therefore, from above the password to access my Aadhaar is SANJ1999 (if my birth year is 1999).

For other combination of name see the below photo to get, how your Aadhaar Password look like.

How to Access Aadhaar Password
How to Access Aadhaar Password

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