First Lunar Eclipse 2020
First Lunar Eclipse 2020

Yes, you heard right, this year the first lunar eclipse is going to happen on January 10. Those of you who don’t know, lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, due to which the Sunlight does not reaches the Moon’s surface for some time. This lunar eclipse will be about 4 hours on January 10.

It will start from 10:30 am, while this eclipse will end at 2:30 pm. According to scientists, during this lunar eclipse, the Earth will cover the 90% of the moon’s surface, while people will see only the outer surface of the moon as a ring.

Continent such as Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia will be able to see this eclipse. However, the people of America will not be able to see this eclipse because it will be day in the US when the eclipse occurs.

In 2020, There are a total of four lunar eclipses event to occur in which this lunar eclipse is the first. Apart from this, the second, third, and fourth lunar eclipses of the year 2020 will take place on 5 June, 5 July, and 20 November.

Although it is an astronomical event, the people of India also associate it with their business, health, and career.

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