Indian Cricket Players T-Shirts Number
Indian Cricket Players T-Shirts Number

Do you ever think, Who decides Indian Cricket Players T-Shirts number? Well the answer is, Cricket players have the freedom to choose their T-Shirt number on their own. The interesting things are the story why a cricket player chooses a specific number for his Jersey.

Some choose a number by consulting an astrologer, Some take his girlfriend birth date like that.

Take Mahendra Singh Dhoni for example, his Jersey number is 7. When media asks him about this number, he say his birthdate was 7/7/1981. Moreover, he also like the number 7.

Virat kohli Jersey number is 18, well he explain in Under 19 world cup his Jersey number was 18. Moreover, he never think to change it while introduced in Team India.

Dhoni | Virat | Tendulkar
Dhoni | Virat | Tendulkar

When so reporters ask Sachin about his Jersey number i.e. 10 then he says his surname indicates 10 that’s why he choose this number.

Rohit Sharma Cricket Jersey number is 45. However, he actually love the number 9 which that time already acquired by Parthiv Patel in the team. Therefore, his mummy suggest him number 45 i.e. 4+5=9. Therefore, he took this number and see this number seems quite beneficial for him.

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