Netflix releases a collection of Educational Documentaries on YouTube for Free

One of the famous subscription-based online video streaming company Netflix has released a collection of Educational Documentaries on YouTube for Free. Although Netflix allowed One Time Screening of Educational Documentaries in Classroom, Community Group, Book Group, and so by following a set of their terms, right now, that is not possible amid lockdown. Therefore, following the requests made by Teachers, Netflix has released a collection of their Educational Documentaries on Netflix US YouTube Channel for free.

Although these documentaries are available on Netflix US Youtube Channel, here in India, we also able to open the same channel. In addition to these Educational Documentaries, Netflix also provides educational resources linked with each documentary. Before revealing you the list of these documentaries, let me tell you that all of these documentaries are in English, and in the coming weeks, Netflix will release the subtitles for these documentaries in a dozen languages.

Now, Let’s Check out the list of Educational Documentaries, Netflix has released on YouTube for Free.

Netflix Educational Documentaries on YouTube

  1. Abstract: The Art of Design: The title already freed what this documentary is all about. Well, this one explains the art, science, and Philosophy of design via the panorama of the World’s Greatest Designers.
  2. Babies: If you like to read infant minds from the perspective of eminent scientists around the world, Babies is for you. This documentary films the uncertainty of parenting by exploring each milestone of an infant as well as his parent. For example, to learn to feed, sleep, crawl across the room, pronouncing the first word like that.
  3. Chasing Coral: In this 1-hour 29-minute epic underwater campaign, Divers, Scientists, and Photographers from all over the world are documenting the disappearance of coral reefs (an underwater ecosystem).
  4. Explained: This one is brought to you by the Vox Media Studios, and as the title suggests, this series explains a wide range of topics that descend from Politics, Science, History, and Pop Culture.
  5. Knock Down the House: A film about four determined women challenging bing money politicians in the 2018 race for Congress.
  6. Our Planet: The first season out in 2019, will dive you into the natural beauty of our Planet and will help you to understand how climate change impacts all living creatures.
  7. Period. End of Sentence: This 26-minute short documentary is about a group of local women from Hapur, India, who learn how to operate a machine that makes low-cost biodegradable sanitary pads. These local women not just learn how to make low cost sanitary pads but also sell it to other women at affordable prices, improving their hygiene as well as breaking the taboo surrounding mensuration in India.
  8. The White Helmets: This 40-minute short British Documentary is about the daily operations of a group of rescue workers of Syrian Civil Defence. The White Helmets won the Best Documentary (for Short Subject) at the 89th Academy Awards back in 2017.
  9. Zion: Again, a short documentary of length 12-minutes films the life of Zion Clark, who born without legs, growing up in foster care, and became a wrestler.

So, that is all about the set of Educational Documentaries Netflix releases on YouTube for free. You can find the educational resources of the about Documentaries here and the YouTube Playlist to see all the documentaries mentioned above here.

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