price of subsidized gas cylinders has increased by Rs 2.71

In this article, we are going to explain to you Why the price of subsidized gas cylinders has increased by Rs 2.71? Due to the fall in rupee as well as the impact of the tax on the base price of gas in the international market, the price of the subsidized gas cylinder has increased. Moreover, In India, the price of subsidized Gas increased by Rs 2.71. However, One can pay an extra Rs 55.50 for a non subsidized Gas Cylinder.

Indian Oil gives all this information. Let me tell you that Oil companies change the rate of LPG on the first date of every month. The LPG price depends upon several factors. However, The IOC officials say that due to the change in GST rate on the non-subsidized LPG, this hike happens.

Previous month in May, the price of the subsidized cylinder was increased by Rs 2.33.

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